Metro UI Explorer has what you need to create a clear and intuitive file explorer. You can create*, rename, delete, move, upload**, share** and download** files or folders. What do you need to do? Just see below.
*Only folders. **You'll need to implement it by yourself.

  1. var explorer = new Explorer(780, 200);
  2. explorer.addFile( new File( 1, "My Presentation", "ppt", 0, 1));
  3. explorer.addFile( new File( 2, "Julia's HW", "docx", 3));
  4. explorer.addFile( new File( 3, "My Documents", "dir", 0, 3));
  5. explorer.start();

After that, you'll have something like this:

Let's play a little bit

Try a double click on any file to see what happens

Also, right click, then "Open", on My Documents

That's it. xD Easy, isn't it?